Lessons Learned: Week of December 17, 2012

1. Turn stress into excitement! Stressed over a deadline or a large workload? Get excited! If you do work you love, you should be excited by these challenges, and by the fact that you have the opportunity to work towards these goals. Get excited about the deadline you have tomorrow, because you know you can produce something amazing in your time frame. (Again – so thankful for my mentor! He really helped change my mindset)

2. I never did this for the sake of business, but since it has helped develop business I feel like sharing. In reality, the lesson I want to share is to simply be a good person. If someone chooses a different product or service provider, or doesn’t have the budget to work with you, that is no reason to write them off. Offer advice, provide moral support, and keep the relationship moving forward. You never know what might happen a few months down the road.

When all else fails, shut down the computer, turn off the phone, and spend some quality time with family and friends, especially during the holidays.


Lessons Learned: Week of December 3, 2012

1. “You can’t build a better past” – Don Shannon. This is so incredibly true, so stop worrying about what you could’ve done; instead learn from the past, and then start thinking about what you can do to be better.

2. On that note – get yourself a good mentor. An hour with an amazing mentor can do wonders for your career. I always leave with a clear vision and inspiration for weeks to come.

3. Employee reviews are so incredibly productive and positive for both employers and employees, I highly recommend doing them as often as you are able (whether monthly or quarterly).

4. Breakups don’t have to be hard. If you are feeling like the working relationship isn’t productive, chances are so are they. Schedule a call and talk it through, and the outcome will most likely be a positive one.

5. As hard as you might try, you can’t always please everyone. In the off chance that this happens… work your butt off 20x harder to get out of the “penalty box” (as a wise acquaintance so called it).

Lastly – drink good wine. It makes everything better 🙂 Tonight I’m enjoying 2010 Jericho Canyon Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc