I started this blog as a way to think through, remember and share the endless lessons I learn as an entrepreneur. I do my best to write weekly, but the first lesson I learned is that there is never enough time! If you’re interested, my story is below:

Rachel Taylor gets your brand noticed. The founder and CEO of Convometrics, a Chicago-based social media marketing agency, Taylor leads a team of strategists that build innovative social media campaigns which get people talking and are always tied to metrics; thus the name Convometrics.

Taylor founded Convometrics in direct response to her frustrations with other agencies that lacked authenticity. A firm believer in the human side of the digital world, Taylor set out to create an agency she could be proud of – one that showcased the strengths and offering of each and every client.

Using this custom approach, Rachel generated millions of impressions for national and international brands. Under her leadership, Techweek increased their digital awareness by 320 percent in just five months. Taylor oversaw the Everpurse social media campaign as they raised more than $230,000 in just 30 days via Kickstarter. Taylor has helped multiple non-profits harness the power of social media to achieve brand goals, helping one non-profit increase brand awareness by 2,554 percent in six months and helping another quickly pass the 20,000 Facebook fan count.

Taylor has experience working with a wide cross-section of industries including technology, consumer goods, energy, education, non-profit, retail, food and beverage, and hospitality. Her adaptable nature and experience in diverse social and digital strategy allows her to create exceptional, never-before-seen campaigns that push limits and boundaries, allowing her clients to truly stand out among the competition.

It’s no wonder that clients come back again and again when they need someone who will authentically bring a community together and create something truly buzz-worthy.


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